Hi, I’m Tess!

woman standing in front of Santa Monica pier

I was in sixth grade when I began documenting every place I went. From around my neighborhood, to my grandparents’ house, to every little trip I went on, I always had my tiny, lime green camera, that could only handle maybe 20 photos at most. While I soon outgrew that camera, I was unable to shake the feeling that I loved preserving memories while documenting the world around me, and I wanted to see more of it.

While I always dreamed about traveling the world, I didn’t begin to make it happen until life began to guide me a little off course. In the New Jersey town I grew up in, the overall mantra was pretty much to spend all your energy getting into the “best” possible college, go for four years, graduate, then get a “good” job. 

The truth was, that just wasn’t the path for me. When I was 18, after just one semester of college, I decided to drop out and return back home, with literally no semblance of a backup plan.

That year, while nearly everyone I knew was away at school, I moved out on my own and began waitressing full-time. Even though I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, what I did know was that I finally had the time and a bit of extra funds to begin traveling.

My first international trip was that year, and it was to Costa Rica. While it was only 10 days, I remember feeling as if the switch had flipped and I had finally found something that inspired me, excited me, and propelled me forward. 

Later that year, I backpacked through Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Just as I’d suspected, travel became my new obsession, and I wasn’t ready to stop.

While I eventually went back to school and completed my degree in journalism (eight years later), in between semesters, I visited Peru, Chile, Argentina, and then Brazil, where I met my now-husband, which prompted quite a few visits back. Since graduating, I have traveled through Mexico and Guatemala.

While I’m based in Long Beach, California (and make sure to also explore California whenever I can), I’m pretty much constantly dreaming of my next adventure. Travel has changed me in a million tangible and intangible ways, and my hope is that you can have the same experiences, plus plenty of your own too! 

Follow along my journey for plenty of tips, itineraries, and guides to make your own traveling dreams come to fruition. So happy to have you here 🙂

With love,