Travel Resources

Hi there! If you’re looking for all the best ways to find flight deals, places to stay, activities, and more, you’re in the right spot. These are all my favorite tools and resources I use for every trip, all in one place. 

Disclosure: Some of the included links may be affiliate links, meaning that at no cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. I recommend only products and companies I trust and have used. Thanks for your support!

Find the best flight deals

Skyscanner is my go-to for searching for affordable flights. It also has a really cool “Explore Everywhere” tool where you can search for the best flight deals worldwide.

Google Flights is also a great option I check every time I fly. If you’re flexible with your timing, it has a calendar view where you can see which days have the best prices.

Before booking your flight, the Hopper app allows you to track certain flights, notifying you when the app estimates it’s the best time to purchase. You can also freeze flight prices if you’re not quite ready to buy.

Book a hotel or hostel is a great tool for finding accommodations worldwide. It has a range of filters you can search through, such as neighborhood, type of accommodation, amenities, and ratings. If I’m traveling within the U.S. this is always where I find the best deals, but I will occasionally also use it when booking international hotels/hostels as well.

When traveling internationally, I always check first. Don’t be scared of staying in a hostel! Plenty of hostels out there are clean, cute, and safe. If you want a social atmosphere where you can easily meet other travelers, there are hostels out there catered to that environment. There are also hostels out there if you prefer a calmer, more secluded environment! I always try to find hostels that have private rooms, but if you want to save money and make it even easier to meet people, dorms are also a great option. 

Plan tours and activities

When traveling, I love booking tours. Not only do you not have to worry about transportation, but you also get to learn even more about a destination or cultural experience by having a tour guide. Plus, they’re usually a great place to meet other travelers! has tons of tours, activities and experiences for every destination and type of traveler. also has lots of great options to check out, from visiting popular landmarks to more off-the-beaten-path cultural activities.

Get your trip covered

As amazing as travel can be, unfortunately, things can and do go wrong when you travel. 

World Nomads offers coverage for more than 150 activities as well as emergency medical, lost luggage, trip cancellation and more. Get more information here. I’ve used them for every international trip in the past few years.

Stay connected while you travel

Getting an e-SIM is the easiest way to ensure that you still have phone data while abroad, which is important for safety, comfort, and ease while traveling. 

Airalo has SIM card options for over 200 countries/regions and can be activated as soon as you land, which means no more dealing with finding a place to buy a physical SIM card, having a different phone number while away, and worrying about not losing your original SIM card. 

Travel for cheaper, or even for free

Chase Sapphire allows you to earn points that can go toward travel — either through the Chase Travel Portal, or through transferring your points to Chase’s partner airlines and hotels. Check online for more information, plus other exciting perks and sign-up bonuses!